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The Challenge

The emerging CBD space was booming, and with increasing numbers of products hitting the market almost daily the space was becoming crowded. Further to this brands were rushing products to market without understanding their own products benefits, or how to effectively communicate them to their target consumers. Our client had established a new standard in formulations and efficacy of cannabinoids and nootropics, and tasked us to build a brand around the idea of communicating these product benefits in a simple and engaging way.

The Approach

We wanted to create a design that held onto some of the semiotics of cannabis, whilst casting them in new light. With this in mind, we created a brand identity leveraging a contemporary word marque and clean secondary type face paired with an energetic and dynamic cannabis print. The print was executed in a way to feel playful and uplifting, reflecting the products and their effects.

The packaging was made from a new sustainable material made from bamboo, and printed using organic inks so as to have minimal impact on the environment in case it wasn’t recycled. Graphics were screen printed onto the glass tincture bottles to save the need for a label and to make it therefore more likely to be recycled by local facilities.

We designed and built the e-commerce platform for the brand, leveraging the graphic design system we had created for the packaging to create a seamless and easy to navigate shopping experience. The site uses a custom front end on top of Shopify’s back end management system to create an optimised shopping experience for the client to manage.

We built a custom QR code back end system that allowed consumers to check the lab test results for each product batch. This meant the brand had full accountability for it’s product quality and helped reinforce the Simple Goods product promise to deliver above it’s competition on quality and potency of product.

The Outcome

SIMPLE GOODS launched within 3 months of developing the brand positioning. Supported by an analytical approach to e-commerce and digital marketing, the brand is set up to be highly manoeuvrable as well as a distinctive brand in an already crowded market place. Our client was delighted at the speed we were able to move and develop the necessary support materials to get the brand to launch. We continue to support the brand with monthly delivery of assets and product pipeline initiatives. Stay tuned for more to come.

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