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The Challenge

Dime Bag launched in 2017 with the sole purpose of being the cheapest cannabis brand on the market. And it looked that way. The brand stood for nothing, and had no personality to speak of, leaving it vulnerable to competitors simply entering the market with a better looking brand at a slightly better price. The threat was real as the market grew and larger operators moved in, squeezing margins. We were tasked with re-positioning the brand as not just a great value product

    The Approach

    Rather than move away from being a brand all about giving the consumer the best value on the market, we embraced it. Puling design semiotics from the humble American Bodega and it’s over the top camp promotional stickers bracingly slapped across products.

    The Brand took on a new irreverent tone and graphic language. Typography was inspired by sassy styles found on hand written fruit stand signs and the overly camp stickers found across promotional products in the bustling Bodega.

    The brand came to life further off pack with a series of sticker style illustrative stories. We chose our favourites and animated them to be engaging instagram looped posts.

    When it came to designing the Dime Bag fruit flavour gummies, we took a trip back to the Bodega, seeking inspiration from the vibrant world of fruit stalls. We created a multipack of flavoured gummies using a playful take on fruit stickers and iconography. The final design delivery big on taste, and stood the brand apart from it’s competition.

    In order to help support the re-launch of the brand, we created a collection of sticker designs to be included in limited edition packs, used across social media, and for sale on e-commerce. In addition we animated our favorite illustrations to help further promote the brand and ensure engagement with social media posts.

    The Outcome

    The brand has a new lease of life, reinforcing it’s key benefits and engaging a new generation of consumers. Internal sales teams are engaged around the new positioning and finding selling in the brand easier and more compelling to their customers. In addition, the brand is now moving to a 100% biodegradable bag to lower the impact on the environment and add greater value to it’s position as market leader in the value category. We learnt that no matter how low the target COGS are, it is still possible to achieve a sustainable packaging outcome.

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