A rediscovery of a brand's roots

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The Challenge

LOUDPACK was one of the OG cannabis brands from California, garnering a reputation for producing the very best extracts for experienced cannabis users. But with the burgeoning market and an appetite to take advantage of new product development opportunities, the brand had lost it’s way, innovating into spaces that didn’t speak to their expertise or story. We were challenged with re-positioning the brand as the leader in extracts, whilst creating an identity that differentiated the brand over a sea of cannabis leaves and basic narratives that had lost all relevance with the consumer.

The Approach

We took the initiative to run our own key brand analysis with consumers across California, quickly discovering that the brands saliency was low and no consumers recognised any of their assets as distinctive or own-able.

With this in mind, we started with an almost blank slate in telling the story. We only hung onto the brands icon triangle shape that the internal team had got behind.

Our first port of call was exploring what differentiated the brand from its competitors. We discovered a brand that was differentiated not only in its extraordinary product, but in their entrepreneurial journey to the market. They had worked against all odds to create a superior product and get it to market faster than the competition.

Drawing on this dynamism and bold entrepreneurial attitude, we created a new identity that captured the high performance product in a distinctive and bold style.

The icon spoke to the idea of concentration and to the concept of the product being flavour forward (aka LOUD).

The pattern was designed to tell the story of cannabis extraction in an own-able way. It also acted as a common thread across the product range, ensuring their was consistency in the range, and consumers could shop the brand easily.

We designed a portfolio of new structures using bespoke moulds to allow for greater brand differentiation.

We also ensure all material were either 100% recyclable or biodegradable, employing our relationship with our packaging partner Ventiv Design to ensure the highest standards possible.

In addition to the packaging and identity, we designed a range of apparel for their sales teams, and for sale on the new LOUDPACK e-commerce platform.

The Outcome

LOUDPACK is now ready to reposition itself as the leader in extracts and oils based cannabinoid products in the California market. Armed with a new identity, a re-engaged sales team and clear direction on how to get the brand back to double digit growth. The brand can confidently manoeuvre amongst the most competitive brands and establish the long term health of the company.

With a clear portfolio strategy, LOUDPACKS innovation team can focus behind a single mission; “to lead the way in quality extracts that stay true to the flower they come from”.

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